About Us

“Your Finance and sustainability partner, we believe every business and industry is resilient.”

We are continuously striving and evolving how we work and how we look at local and global economic challenges to deliver measurable, sustainable results for our clients and our communities.

Together we can create a land of opportunities and a more equitable and prosperous future for the next generations.

Adnan Hameed Khokhar & Co. (“AHK the Firm”) is an independent audit, assurance, tax, advisory, and outsourcing firm. We help organizations to grow by providing innovative solutions through linked ideas.

We provide a full range of business services to leading national and local companies and to public institutions. We are committed to meeting the expectations of our clients by maintaining international standards and exploiting the advantages of the technology from its head office in Lahore.

We are passionate to be the leading audit, assurance, tax, advisory, and outsourcing solution provider not only in Pakistan but around the globe by providing innovative solutions through innovative doable ideas. This requires a thorough understanding of the client’s businesses, economy, regulatory environment, etc. to meet their expectations and sustainable solutions.

In the current vibrant and demanding environment, clients have high expectations from their advisors and expect quick, prompt, and practical solutions at affordable prices. At AHK we ensure that we meet clients’ expectations professionally, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Our combined knowledge, experience, and professional staff aid to meet these requirements.

Mission Statement

“We are promised to deliver a wide range of timely, value-added, value-for-money.
services with a commitment to meeting client expectations with a highly motivated professional team led by experienced professional team